Special Needs Clothing

This booklet provides an alternative to buying readymade commercial adaptive clothes, by giving clear and concise instructions, for a person with basic sewing skills, on converting existing garments, so that the benefits of adaptive clothes can be achieved, at a normally much lower cost. It also includes many other tips and easy instructions that may assist.

There are many benefits of fully or partially back opening clothes:

  • Eliminates the need to remove soiled garments over the person’s head and therefore reduces the possibility of eye or other infections

  • Reduces stress for person and carer whilst dressing and undressing

  • A person with limited arm movement does not have to raise their arms which helps with dressing

  • The clothing looks normal from the front and can be positioned so that it minimizes soiling, if the person is sitting directly onto a pad

  • It is suitable for persons semi-ambulant, chair fast, or restricted to bed

  • Nursing care is more manageable as only one person may be required for the dressing/undressing process

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